High School Musical Jr

HSM JR_color_Disney - 2010Senior Production – September 2016

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Disney Channel original movie of High School Musical.

Pied Piper Productions is proud to announce its stage version of Disney’s High School Musical Jr in September 2016 at Canberra College Performing Arts Centre.

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Director Nina Stevenson
Musical Director Emma White
Choreography Kathryn Jones

Book by David Simpatico
Music adapted arranged and produced by Bryan Louiselle

The Story

Everyone has dreams.  While some dream of being the start of the basketball team or science decathlon, others hope to be the lead in the school musical. In Disney’s High School Musical Jr, a group of teenagers struggle to go for their dreams, and be what they want to be despite how others try to confine them.

Show Times

Fri 23 Sept 7pm
Sat 24 Sept 7pm
Tues 27 Sept 11am & 7pm
Wed 28 Sept 11am & 7pm
Thurs 29 Sept 7pm
Fri 30 Sept 7pm
Sat 1 Oct 7pm

Canberra College
Performing Arts Centre, Launceston Street, Woden


$20 each or $72 family of four
$16 each for groups of 10+

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The Background

Disney’s High School Musical Jr is as popular today as it was when the Disney Channel original movie premiered in 2006, when it broke cable network ratings records and it’s soundtrack went to become the best-selling album of the year.  The stage version became the most-licensed new musical in history.

Disney’s High School Musical Jr has 9 named male and 9 named female roles and countless ensemble parts with lots of singing and dancing to showcase everyone’s talent.  The cast can number up to 30 roles. We will be looking to fill the 18 main and adult character roles with 13 to 18 year old male and female cast members and/or past students with proven experience to handle lead roles.

Disney’s High School Musical Jr Characters

The Jocks (males)
Troy Bolton Captain of the basketball team. Strong singer and dancer and very athletic
Chad Danforth No 2 on the basketball team, Troy’s best friend. Strong singer
Zeke Baylor Has a secret passion for baking. Strong singer
The Thespians
Sharpay Evans (f) Egocentric, vain President of the Drama Club.  Strong singer, dancer, actor
Ryan Evans (m) Vice President of the Drama Club. Sharpay’s fraternal twin, strong singer, dancer and actor
Kelsi Nielson (f) Mousey composer of Juliet and Romeo, rehearsal pianist – preferably can play piano on stage.
James (m) Must be able to confidently sing off key!
Susan (f) Pop star wanna- be.  Over the top acting
Cathy (f) Must be able to belt out a song like Ethel Merman ie BIG voice!
Cyndra (f) Has operatic aspirations. Preferably can imitate an obnoxious vibrato
The Brainiacs
Gabriella Montez (f) The shy, intelligent new girl at school. Very strong singer.
Taylor Mckessie (f) President of the Science Club. Sings a solo
Martha Cox (f) Kind and funny. Sings solo. Ability to break dance a plus
Jack Scott (m or f) The quirky PA announcer.  Could be female role
The Skater Dudes
Ripper (m) Has a secret passion for the cello
Mongo (m) Doofus
The Adults
Ms Darbus (f) Eccentric Drama teacher. Mainly strong acting role with good timing more than a singer.
Coach Bolton (m) Basket Ball Coach, Troy’s Dad. Mainly acting role
Ensemble: Wildcat Cheerleaders, Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians, Skater Dudes, Party Kids, Ms Tenny, Fans/Spectator, Science Decathlon Moderator.

Disney’s High School Musical Jr Auditions


Saturday 4 June 2016, 10 – 6pm and Sunday 5 June 2- 5pm.

St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall Manuka.  Call backs probably late Sunday evening.


We will be looking to fill the main and adult character roles with 13 to 18+ year old male and female cast members and/or past students with proven experience and the ability for strong characterisation.

All except the adults must be strong singers as well as actors and most named roles require better than average dancing ability. The ability to sing and dance is a requirement for all cast members.


All auditionees must prepare and learn a short contemporary monologue. A song must be learned, preferably from a musical but not a pop song, and appropriate for your age and vocal range. We advise it best to bring sheet music if you can. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for dancing.

Auditionees that don’t come adequately prepared will be considered by the audition panel not to be fully committed to the production process and will be unlikely to be considered for a part.

For appointment please contact Nina 6295 9172   0409 823 640 email info@pied-piper.com.au


Auditions Sat 4 June 10 – 6pm   Sun 5 June 1 – 5pm
Read through 6.30 pm Wed 22 June
Rehearsals Sun 1 – 5pm and Wed 5 – 7pm commencing Wed 20 July 2016
Bump in/Performances 17 September to 30 September 2016 (Note Wed 21 and Thurs 22 Sept are during school hours.)

For further information please contact Nina on 6295 9172  0409 823 640  info@pied-piper.com.au

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