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High School Musical Jr

Pied Piper Productions have come up with a winner with this bright and entertaining holiday show guaranteed to delight every member of the family but particularly the teenagers. (Click here for full review)

– Bill Stephens

Congratulations, what a great show! I loved it. Great singing, acting, dancing and costumes. Sharpay and Ryan were so funny!

– Rose (Audience member)


The Frog Prince

Thank you for the lovely performance today. Would you mind passing on to all the wonderful performers (and helpers backstage too, of course) how much the Preschool children from MOCCA enjoyed the show. Lovely singing, beautiful costumes, lots of humor, and loved that French accent… And well done to all for keeping your focus with such a restless audience – Like real pros! A perfect morning of entertainment for a rainy day!

– MOCCA Preschool (Audience members)


Wonder in Aliceland

Last week we had our granddaughter, (she’s 9 going on 90), staying with us. We took her to see the most amazing show, “Wonder in Alice Land” at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. I must admit I was a little reluctant about going to a children’s show but within 15 minutes I was absolutely enthralled. I truly thought the performance was not only professional but also creative to the point where an old fogie like me was most unhappy to see the final curtain come down.

– Ian (Audience member)


The production was magical and the children loved it as did all of us who went to it many times.  Each child in that production would have learned a new gift about themselves that they did not realise they had as a result of your incredible ability to see that in them.  Thank you for being such beautiful people to my children and the other children in the production.

Mary-Anne Waldren


Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots has been turned into a time honoured pantomime by Nina Stevenson.  This is real pantomime and a lot of  fun for all – and there is one truly magic moment when the three tiny kittens have a song which is quite beautifully sung with some soaring high notes and the whole beautifully in tune.  Wendy Brazil Artsound FM


“The show is a delight … children sat enthralled, completely engaged by the show’s larger than life characters.  The principal cast is supported by a young ensemble equally noteworthy for the excellent performances; and the whole show is a magnificent showcase for the talents of these young Canberrans, who I expect will be entertaining us for decades.

Trevar Chilver local playwright and critic


Nina Stevenson has brought many years experience as a theatre practitioner specializing in producing and directing shows for children to her writing of “Puss in Boots”. Taking a well loved story she has invested it with just enough contemporary resonance to appeal to the youthful audiences, while still preserving the wonderment of the core fairytale. Her delightful script is fast, funny and illuminating, and just as entertaining for the young-in-heart as it is for the young.

“Puss in Boots” is ideal for those community groups seeking a terrifically entertaining show for young audiences, and at the same time offering endless opportunities for creative directors and actors to devise their own distinctive presentation guaranteed to amuse and delight even the most discerning of their target audience.

Bill Stephens Theatre Critic and Producer

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